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    Submitted conference papers will be peer reviewed and the acceptance will be based on 4 track areas.

    There are 3 Workshop courses in ICET 2019.

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Keynote Speaker 1

(Vice President (Industry-University Collaboration), Mie University)

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Keynote Speaker 2

(Deputy CEO 1, SME Corp)
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Keynote Speaker 3

(Board Member of MBOT)

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The Track Areas

‎Robotic Automation System (ICORAS 2019)

Special Robotic Structures
Robot Applications Robot Sensors and Actuators
Robot Control
Autonomous Vehicles
Tele Robots
Medical Robots
Robots for Disabled
Robots for Space Applications
Autonomous Agents
Man Machine
Digital and Analog Control
Bio Sensors and Control
Data Storage and Retrieval
Expert Systems
Image Processing
Gaze and Emotion Detection
Pattern Recognition,
Speech Processing,
Speech Recognition and Acoustic Engineering ,
Intelligent Process Systems
Speech Analysis ,

Information Management,
Communication Systems,
Vision Servo Drives,
Mechatronics and Bio-Mechatronics,
Microcontrollers and Microsystems
Soft Computing and Control methods,
Environmental Aspects Instrumentation,
Quality and Reliability,
System Integration,
Biomedical Image Processing,
Cell Simulation and Modeling,
Bio-signal Measurements,
Hospital Automation
Human Machine interface
Rehabilitation for Disabled
Affective Computer Feedback
Brain---computer techniques

Advanced Manufacturing (ICAM 2019)

Moulds and Dies Manufacturing
Moulds and Dies Materials
Mould Flow
Sheet Metal Spring Back
Sheet Metal Forming
Surface Engineering
Advancements in Traditional Machining Fabrication Processes
Precision and Micro Machining
Multi-Tasking Machine
High Speed Machining
Machining Hard Materials
Non-Traditional Machining
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
Just in Time (JIT)
Rapid Prototyping and Tooling
Reverse Engineering
Mass Customization
Advanced Materials
Modeling, Simulation & Optimization of Manufacturing Processes
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Applications of AI Techniques in Manufacturing
Material Resource Planning (MRP)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Scheduling, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Total Quality Management Condition Based Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Expert Systems
Concurrent Engineering
Virtual Prototyping in Design and Manufacturing
Virtual Reality

Chemical Innovation (ICCI 2019)

Process Design
Process Safety & optimization Process System
Instrumentation & Control
Transport Phenomena (Heat, Mass Transfer & Fluid Flow)
Separation & Purification Computer Aided Tools for Simulation Optimization & Process Modelling
Polymer Catalyst
Metallurgy & Corrosion
Particle Technology
New Materials & Structured Product
Sustainable & Clean Technologies
Pollution & Monitoring Water Supply & Wastewater Treatment Air Pollution
Environmental Technology & Management
Renewable Energy Clean Energy
Alternative Energy
Energy Conversion System
Fuel Cell
Polymer Environmental & Energy

‎Information Technology (ICIT 2019)

Methods and Techniques for Software Development.
Software Maintenance.
Software Management.
Model Engineering.
Software Architectures Design.
Software Quality.
Verification and Validation.
Testing of Software Systems.
Software Project Management.
Software Evaluation.
Computer Application.
System hardware and software Design.
Embedded software and System.
Web Technologies and Information Management.
Internet and Web Applications.
E-commerce and E-governance.
Human Computer Interaction.
Technology in Education.
Technology Management.
Communi-cation Networks.
Network and Data Security.
Parallel Computing and Distributed Computing .
Security and Cryptography.
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing.
Information Retrieval.
Knowledge and Data Engineering.

Database and Information System Architecture
and Performance.
Applications of DB Systems and Information Systems.
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality.
Multimedia Applications.
Multimedia databases, digital libraries, and social media.
Multimedia information, visualization and interactive systems.
Communication Management.
Language and Communication. 
Information Communication. 
Communications and Technology. 
Other areas of Communication.
Language Education.
Information and Computer education.
Language and Creative Writing.
Adult and Continuing Education. 
E-Learning Technology. 
Higher Education. 
Lifelong Learning.
Mathematics, Statistics.
Business and Management.